Certification Forms

Background Checks and Certifications

All prospective applicants must submit satisfactory Pennsylvania State Criminal History and Pennsylvania ChildLine Child Abuse Certifications prior to hire. New employees must submit satisfactory FBI certification results within 30 days of hire and Mandated Reporter Child Abuse Training Certifications within 90 days of hire.

Required Clearances and Certifications

If you have any questions about the following information, please contact our Human Resources Department.

State Criminal History Certification

Pennsylvania State Criminal History certifications may be secured online via the PA State Police website.

PA State Police website


Or, individuals can complete Form SP4-164 and mail the request form to Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository-164, 1800 Elmerton Ave., Harrisburg, PA 17110-9758.

Form SP4-164


When submitting your request online, you must click “Certification Form” to print your results. The fee for the record check is $22. Questions about State Police record checks should be directed to 888-783-7972.

Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Certification

Pennsylvania Child Abuse History certifications can be requested on the PA Child Welfare Portal at a cost of $13.

PA Child Welfare Portal


Paper submissions of the PA Child Abuse History request form (CY113 Form) must be mailed to the Childline and Abuse Registry, Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, P.O. Box 8170, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8170.

CY113 Form


Questions related to the Child Abuse History certifications should be directed to 877-371-5422.

Federal FBI Fingerprinting Clearance

Effective November 19, 2017, all requests for Federal (FBI) Fingerprinting Reports must be completed online via the IDEMIA IdentoGO website.



For employment purposes, enter Service Code 1KG756. To register by phone, call 844-321-2101, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. You will have the ability to schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted at a location in your area during the registration process. The cost for a Federal FBI clearance is $22.60.

Once registration is complete, print the confirmation page. You must take this to the fingerprinting location along with the identification you selected during the registration process. If you do not have the appropriate identification with you, the facility will refuse to process your fingerprints.

Fingerprinting can be processed at the following location in York County:

York Learning Center
300 E. Seventh Ave.
York, PA 17404
Open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday – Thursday